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In most cases, lipomas are harmless, however, they can grow large and alter your appearance. Dedicated to providing personalized surgical care, Dr. Serrano, DO, FACOS, at Precision Surgery and Advanced Vein Therapy can talk to you about your surgical options for your lipoma. Often lipoma removal can be scheduled in the office surgical suite, and usually completed in under 30 minutes. To discuss surgical options for your lipoma with a caring and compassionate surgeon, call the office in Glendale, Arizona, or use the online booking tool to schedule a consultation.

Lipoma Q & A

What is a lipoma?

A lipoma is a growth of fatty tissue most often found under your skin. These slow-growing tumors are generally harmless, but they can affect your appearance and how you feel about yourself. 

Researchers are still investigating the cause of lipomas, but believe your genetics may play a role in the development of these benign tumors, and you may be at greater risk if they run in your family.

What are lipoma symptoms?

Lipomas can develop anywhere on your body. They appear as lumps that contain a dough-like substance that you can easily move around under your skin. In most cases, lipomas are small, usually no larger than 2-inches, but they can grow large.

Lipomas themselves don’t cause any pain. However, if the fatty tumor grows over nerve endings or blood vessels, you may experience some discomfort.

When should I see a doctor for my lipoma?

Lipomas are generally a harmless growth. However, you should never ignore skin abnormalities that occur on your body, and you should have it looked at by the team at Precision Surgery and Advanced Vein Therapy.

To determine if your lump is a lipoma, Dr. Serrano performs a physical exam and may take a sample of the tissue to have it evaluated. An X-ray or CT scan may also be recommended to determine the size of the lipoma.

How are lipomas treated?

Because lipomas are generally harmless, treatment isn’t always needed. However, you can have your lipoma surgically removed if it’s affecting your appearance or causing discomfort.

Dr. Serrano at Precision Surgery and Advanced Vein Therapy is a skilled surgeon and can remove your lipoma at the surgical suite in his office. During the procedure, Dr. Serrano administers a local anesthetic to ease discomfort and minimize bleeding. He then places a small incision over your lipoma and removes it. 

In some cases, the lipoma may need to be removed in pieces. However, Dr. Serrano does his best to minimize the size of your incision to reduce healing time and scarring.

After your lipoma removal, Dr. Serrano provides specific instructions on how to care for your wound, along with a follow-up appointment so he can see how you’re doing.

Lipomas may be harmless, but they can affect self-esteem. For expert care and removal of your lipoma, call Precision Surgery and Advanced Vein Therapy or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment today.